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Many people who are not involved in herbal supplements sometimes forget that most of the medications on the market today have their origins in a natural substance. Epazote is sometimes thought to be an invasive weed with no redeeming qualities. It grows in southern Mexico and has actually been used by people for centuries as a cure for several different kinds of conditions. Epazote herb tea is the version of this supplement that many people prefer. The tea can have a strong odor and a taste that is similar to black licorice, but its benefits and positive effects have been documented for many years.

The epazote plant is a great example of nature providing for people that live in a particular part of the world. The ancient Aztecs have gained a certain amount of notoriety for their digestive conditions that has created some common phrases used by people to describe intense digestive discomfort. One of the effects that epazote herb tea is said to have is the ability to help treat malaria. In a part of the world where malaria can occur, this was convenient for the Aztecs. The tea is also said to help treat digestive disorders such as amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. The tea is also said to help reduce instances of flatulence as well.

Some of the benefits of epazote herb tea deal with the ability to improve breathing and eliminate breathing disorders. People with asthma have been known to use epazote to help reduce the instances of serious attacks. It has also been used by people with bronchitis and lung congestion. While most people prefer to only drink the tea when they need to because of its pungent odor, it can be a very beneficial supplement to take every day if possible. This is especially true during the change in seasons or during times when allergies tend to become more active.

There is a calming effect to epazote herb tea that some people use as a way to unwind after an especially stressful situation. It has also been known as part of a treatment for conditions such as hysteria. As a medical supplement, it has been effective at treating parasites such as worms in the human body. If the tea is not for you, then try using epazote as an additive to foods. The cooking of food does not diminish its effects and it is often easier to eat when cooked in foods as opposed to being drunk.

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